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“Greed is Good Token: Where ambition meets opportunity, inspired by Wall Street and Gordon Gekko.”


BEP20 contract

Team:                                               10%

Partners/Influencers:                      20%    

Marketing:                                         5%

Airdrop:                                              5%

Charitable Donations:                     10%

Liquidity and Presale                       50%


Our team is made up of professionals with a vast background in telecommunications, IT and management. With years of experience in these areas, we are committed to bringing this project to all citizens, with the aim of improving everyone's quality of life.

We believe that technology and efficient management are fundamental to driving progress and creating innovative solutions. With our experience in telecommunications and IT, we are prepared to face the challenges of the constantly evolving digital world.

Furthermore, our team also has solid knowledge in the area of management, which allows us to approach projects strategically and effectively. We are committed to ensuring that all initiatives are implemented in accordance with the best management practices, always aiming to satisfy our customers and continuously improve the services provided.

Our passion for bringing a better quality of life to all citizens is what motivates us daily. We are committed to creating innovative and accessible solutions that can benefit society as a whole.

We look forward to working together and making a difference to people's lives through this project. If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help and make this project a success for everyone.

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